About Greg Roworth

Greg is a successful entrepreneur, having started a business in the irrigation industry in 1978 and run it for 12 years, before selling it to enter the business advisory field. Since selling that business, Greg has worked as a manager in the computer manufacturing and retailing industry, as a consultant for a Big 4 Accountancy business planningfirm and established and sold his own accountancy / bookkeeping practice. Greg decided to concentrate solely on helping small business owners to get better results from their businesses in 1995.

Over the past 14 years, Greg has built a business consultancy practice which was started in Australia and now has consultants operating in both New Zealand and the USA.  Greg developed a proprietary business development system which achieved major breakthroughs for every business owner who used the system, helping them to greatly increase profits and increase their personal freedom from their businesses.  
These strategies have now been refined and distilled into the book, Put Your Business on Autopilot and are used in the Autopilot Business Plan program.

To support Greg's wealth of practical experience, he also has a Bachelor of Business degree, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has a Master of Business Administration.