Roles – Positions and People

In every business there are specific roles that need to be filled by competent people.  Work will be done more effectively if the person completely understands what is required of them in their role and if you have a person who is suited to the role.  To achieve these aims, two tools are important:

  • Position Descriptions
  • Person Descriptions

Position Descriptions

A Position Description is a document that defines a role in the business and what is required to perform that role, or position, effectively.  The position description will typically define the details of the job:

  • Who the role is responsible to
  • Who the role liaises with
  • The responsibilities of the role
  • The tasks involved, etc.

The position description should provide the person in the role with a full understanding of what is required to perform their work to the standard required.

View Sample Position Descriptions

Person Descriptions

A Person Description is a document that is used in the recruitment and selection process to describe the desired attributes and characteristics of a person who would be able to succeed in a specific role.  The person description may detail the desired background and previous work roles of the right person for the role, the qualifications, the personal attitudes and capabilities of the person and the level of training and on-the-job experience they would need to do the job well.

This document should match the position description to assist in getting the right person for the job.  Many small business owners don’t go to this level of detail in the recruitment process and operate intuitively in regard to how they feel about whether a person may be suited to a role.  However, the person description assists in evaluating different people in an more objective manner, so that all relevant selection criteria can be checked and adequate comparison of candidates can be performed before deciding on who to select for a job.  The impact of selecting the wrong person for a role in your business can be huge and these days, it is difficult to undo selection mistakes.  The small amount of effort required to define the criteria for the type of person required for a role is insignificant if it can assist in making better selection choices.

View Sample Person Descriptions

Having the right people in the right roles is critical to the process of putting your business on autopilot.  Click here if you would like assistance with this process.