Business Pressures Got You Down?

Discover how to transform your business and have all the time, money and freedom to do 

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From Greg Roworth (former overworked and underpaid business owner).

Fellow business owners, let's face it. Most businesses rely on the owner to work hard to achieve a level of success just above survival.  It's sad, but if you operate the way 97% of businesses do, you'll never become wealthy or free. If you would like to discover the steps to create real business success, and all the money, time and freedom to enjoy what you want in life, read on!

Now don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with hard work. The trouble is, most business owners are working hard on the wrong things!  But business owners that consistently get huge profits and have the time to enjoy the rewards, do things very differently to everyone else. So...

Imagine if you could discover the secrets of business success that these extremely successful entrepreneurs have discovered ... and use them to super-charge your business! Just imagine what that would mean for you! And just so you can get a solid grasp about what I'm talking about, consider this fact: if you start to do the same things, you could easily..

Be on the way to creating a business that works so well that you don't have to!

This is what the real small business industry needs. I pride myself on owning so many positive thinking and business "know how books", which sit on my shelves at home for my reading pleasure. But not one of these books to date have opened my mind to the simple, yet critical step by step process needed to become a successful business owner.  Until now.

Greg Roworth's book "Put your business on auto pilot" is must see and read. To all you budding Entrepreneurs and especially you struggling small business owners - struggle "No More." This book will challenge you and will also determine your strengths to move forward, balanced with helpful advice. E.g.what Greg describes as "Success is an orderly process of development." Greg's quote is where the secret lays. The authentic power and simplicity of this book gives you the ability to attain information that not only gives you a successful business, but also a successful life.

Hud Rapata, Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Rotorua, New Zealand

It's All About Putting Your Business on Autopilot!

But before we delve into how you can use these tried and proven methods in your business today, let me quickly explain what holds most small and medium size businesses back, and why their owners struggle to survive and end up doing much more work and suffering much more pressure than they really want to or need to!

Do you feel that your business suffers from any of these issues?

  • Business is difficult because of a poor economy or you are in a very competitive market.
  • You seem to spend all your time putting out fires, solving unnecessary problems and feel like you are never getting ahead.
  • Your sales are erratic and you find it difficult to maintain a consistent cash flow.
  • You are not sure where to advertise most effectively and don't know how much you should spend on advertising.
  • You can't charge what you should because competitors often seem to undercut your prices.
  • Quality is usually great, but too often something goes wrong and a job has to be redone or worse, a customer gets really upset. (Once is too often!!!)
  • Your employees don't do the work as well as you would like or with as much effort as you think they should.
  • You are often on the edge with finances and you often struggle to pay the bills on time.
  • You work harder and longer than your employees and never seem to be able to take a decent holiday.
These growth barriers will hold your business back, or possibly stifle it completely, unless you confront the underlying issues head on and come up with a successful solution.  Many business owners never get beyond this point and they tragically, keep working hard just trying to survive.  Many feel that they would be better off working for someone else, but they are so over committed financially that they can't walk away.

Working as a doctor in General Practice absorbs a good deal of time and energy. It's a job that requires you to be IN the job constantly, as you are only earning, when at the coal face, seeing patients.  After  one tiring day, I recall thinking to myself what I need is a job that  makes money while I'm sleeping!    That thought lead me to investigate property as such a vehicle. Well 6 years later, now with a portfolio 
of properties, and involvements with a number of  property subdivisions and developments, I'm at the point where I feel like I'm working hard again.

When Greg Roworth revealed his  business approach,  "Putting your business on autopilot", he  unfolded simply the principles of working ON your business and not IN your business.  The difference between being the entrepreneur as against the technician and the administrator.  It was a revelation to  see how I could approach things differently. How I could set up feedback mechanisms to keep me in touch with my business, manage the processes better, and deal with trust and personal issues. Clearly this was the next step for me.

For anyone wanting to extract himself or herself out of their business, this book is a fantastic overview of how to accomplish that  aim. For anyone wanting to start a business, you could set off on the right step from the start.  There is clarity, achievable and practical suggestions as to how to realistically put your business on autopilot.  It was a revelation to read.

Dr Geoff Brice, Melbourne, Australia

Success in your own business doesn't come by accident.  Successful businesses are faced with the same issues as the rest.  The only difference is they find a way to overcome these issues.  What makes the difference?

Well... If you identify with any of the issues described above, the answer is at hand.  It's all in the book that, I believe, fills a huge void most business owners and managers struggle in.  It’s called “Put Your Business on Autopilot”.  It details the 7 steps required to create a successful business that works without the need for the owner's input.  It's filled with the type of advice I wish was around when I was starting out -- a goldmine of every tested tool, strategy, and insight I've seen successfully used to break through the business growth barriers described above.


Yes, it can be really hard to build a really successful business... if you don't have someone to show you exactly what to do - someone who has been there before and can show you the way. In Put Your Business on Autopilot  I give you the step by step instructions to make it happen.  I take you by the hand... show you what to do... guide you around the danger zones... exactly the same strategies I have used successfully with hundreds of business clients similar to you.

What You Discover Here Will Change Your Business Forever.

Here's just some of what you'll learn when you get your hands on your copy.
  • How to turn the deep frustrations of being trapped and locked into the business struggle into the very reasons to create an exciting, successful business adventure!  
  • How to easily "position" your business ahead of the competition so that friends, family, and associates of your customers want to do business with you!
  • How to dramatically increase your profits and turnover, even without getting more sales! (The insights you’ll learn from his strategy will make your business so much more profitable and enjoyable to work in)!
  • How to avoid getting into a price war which nobody wins -- the secret truth long known by sales masters, entrepreneurs and "high flyers" finally revealed!
  • The secret NUMBER ONE psychological principle -- used by all super-successful business people and lifetime achievers in any walk of life - that literally makes people take positive action ... and how you can use this "secret" principle to get your business on course to super success.
  • The two ways you can think about what you do -- one leads at best to survival, the other leads to riches. Which way are you thinking?
  • How to turn your company into the business everyone is talking about.
  • Simple, yet largely unused business development truths you need to know, understand and use.
  • The simple, but normally neglected, steps you need to take to ensure you get maximum rewards from your business, while freeing up your own time to do anything you want and live the life of your dreams!
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What's It All Worth?

That's a great question.  The book itself it worth so much more than it's price.  What value would you put on having the business of your dreams?

The price of the book itself is $27, which is insignificant when you think about what it could be worth to you.  So the question of price isn't even a consideration.  The real question, I sense, is, "Will the book live up to the promises?"

100% Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee!

Just to make sure you don't have anything to stand in your way of getting your hands on this book, I am going to give you a full 90 days to test and trial every strategy in this book to see if it will work for you.  Then,  if you honestly feel that you can't make at least 10-times your investment in extra profits by buying this book, just email me and I’ll refund you every cent you paid!  You really have nothing to lose.

Special Bonus Included

To remove any last hesitation you may have about purchasing this book, let me tell you about the valuable bonus that is included with this book.  As a special reward for reading it, I am throwing in a Business Overhaul Analysis and Report, valued at $1,000, absolutely free and without obligation.  Simply click on the link included in the book and you will be given access to a complete analysis of your current business situation and you will receive a fully customised report, specifically addressing your business development issues and providing you with tailored advice on how to break through your business success barriers and how to overhaul your business and transform it into a highly profitable, successful enterprise that works independently of you, while providing you with the income and lifestyle choices of your dreams.

That represents massive value for a small investment of $27.  So don't wait any longer.  Go ahead and click on the payment button below for an immediate download and get started reading the book and putting your business on autopilot within minutes from now.

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