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Avoid the 5 Typical Fatal Responses to a Recession -  How to Recession Proof Your Business in 2008

With the coming recession, there is a danger that you make make unwise responses to try to survive.  Most business owners typically make 5 fatal responses to a recession which make matters worse instead of better.  This article shows you how to avoid the 5 typical fatal responses and what you can do instead to recession proof your business in 2008.

How to Write a Business Plan that Works

An expose’ of the fatal business planning flaws that kill off most plans
– and how to avoid them.
Discover why most business plans end up on top of a filing cabinet gathering dust, instead of becoming a useful business development too.  If you write a business plan the way most people do, this will most likely become your experience too.  Don't fall into the traps that kill off most business plans almost as soon as the ink is dry.  Discover how to write a business plan that works.

Motivating Employees for Small Business Success

Most business owners want to be good at motivating employees.  However., old methods of motivation are increasingly ineffective.  What are the methods used by successful businesses to motivate employees to achieve superior performance.  These methods are no secret, but most business owners are unaware of how to motivate their employees to get the best from them and to get them to be their best.  Find out the keys to motivating employees here.

Better Customer Service is Not Optional

Providing better customer service is an obvious competitive strategy that creates the platform to achieve success in your market.  For that reason, is is almost unbelievable that customer service is so poor from so many businesses.  Most business owners I talk to want to provide better customer service.  However, their attempts to develop customer service policies and behaviours throughout their business are often frustrated.  In this article, we highlight why providing better customer service is not optional if you want to achieve business success and some ways to achieve better customer service, by approaching the topic somewhat differently than you might anticipate.